Here are video versions of the Moosical now on YouTube. They appear in order from the beginning of the story and will be posted as they are produced. Animation using artwork specially made for us by Steven Thomas. Words/music/vocals by Mario Tosto.


Chapter 1 - The beginning

The Moose introdooses himself and his connection with Thomas Jefferson.

Chapter 2 - The Vox Pupuli

The Wise Old dogs inject a note of caution about the quest for the New Moose.

Chapter 3 - Rooski Mafiooski

Undeterred by the warnings of the Wise Old dogs, the pups set out to search for the New Moose. First stop: Malware Island, where they meet some nefarious characters. DANGER!

Chapter 4 — Device, Devices

Next stop: iLand Island, where all the cool cats are overwhelmed by all the cool gadgets.

Chapter 17 — We are the Web

The grand finale of the Moosical celebrating the discovery of the "New Moose!"